5 Useful Tips to Overcome Shipping Delays

Shipping delays are common during the shipping process. Delay happens for many reasons, i.e., labor shortages, holidays, supply chain issues, inaccurate shipping information, severe weather, etc. Customers don’t like delays because sometimes these delays can cause significant losses. Shipping delays badly affect the supply chain, and consumers stop buying from brands because of supply chain delays or disruptions. In this blog, we’ll learn about  5 useful tips to overcome shipping delays.

Overcome Shipping Delays

5 Useful Tips to Overcome Shipping Delays

  • Communicate well
  • Proper labeling
  • Online tracking
  • Compensatory offers
  • Bill of lading preparation (BOL)

Communicate Well:

Communication plays a significant role in boosting businesses all around the world. If shippers don’t communicate with the customers, how could they inform them about shipping delays? It is a common observation that unwanted shipping delays frustrate the clients because they spend money to book their shipments, so they want to receive shipments at the decided time. If there is a shipment delay, the shipper must professionally communicate with the customers and guide them about this delay. Otherwise, customers will lose their temper and become angry. A well-explained delay reason can save the shipping company’s reputation, and customers can be satisfied.

Proper Labeling:

Labeling is essential to keep the whole shipment process smooth. Customs clearance has also instructed us to label the shipment clearly. They will not accept shipments with inappropriate labeling. Inappropriate and non-labeled shipments will get rejected by customs clearance, causing a delay. Therefore, it is most important to clearly and properly label the shipments to make the freight forwarding process easy. This way, customers will remain safe from paying fines and penalties to the customs officers.

Online Tracking:

Customers want the shipping of their goods smoothly. Also, they want to stay updated about the status of their shipments. They can benefit from the shipping company’s real-time online tracking system. The online tracking system keeps the customers aware of the shipment’s current status. So customers remain more satisfied with their shipment. Shipping companies offer unique tracking number and unique order IDs for every shipment; hence, customers can get the status of their shipment within a few minutes.

Compensatory Offers:

Customers show aggressive behavior when they see the delayed status of their shipments. Sometimes, fragile consignments can get damaged because of the long-lasting delivery. To overcome the anger of customers’ shipping companies’ scan offer attractive offers as compensation to reduce the damage or loss of consignments. Getting compensation from the shipping companies will make the customers more satisfied with the professional services of the shipping companies.

Bill Of Lading Preparation (BOL):

A Bill of lading is one of the most important documentation for completing the shipping process without unwanted delays. The improper documentation on the BOL is an essential cause of shipping delays that can bear significant losses. It is crucial to accurately fill the information on the bill of lading with no single error. Keep in mind that errors in BOL can badly affect shipment delivery. In BOL document, customers need to give information about their shipment weight, type, packaging information, labeling, and so forth. When the carrier matches the mentioned information to their data, they instantly stop the shipment delivery in case they get any difference in the information.

Bottom Line:

The above-discussed tips can be useful to guide the customers about their shipping delays and also help them to avoid some silly mistakes to avoid unwanted delays. Logistics management is not an easy task; this process involves many steps in taking the shipment to the final destination before booking shipments; taking a guide from a professional logistics expert can save the customers from completing the shipping process effortlessly.

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