6 Ways a Cargo Shipping Company Helps Prevent Damages

Delivering cargo in its original condition is one of the major challenges for shipping companies. Secure shipping is a major concern for consumers and shipping companies; sometimes, damages occur at extreme levels. Leading logistics companies pay special attention to the delivery shipment with no damage. Consumers also get satisfied if they receive goods in their original condition.

According to an online retail survey, 80% of consumers would prefer to return goods if damaged or broken. So we can say that consumers like to receive damaged free products. Therefore, shipping companies must deliver goods while following all safety measures.

It is a common observation that cargo damage occurs while loading or unloading it. But if a shipping company follows all rules and regulations, there remains no chance of damage. While moving cargo from one place to another, uneven roads, bumps, and twists result in a serious loss of goods. So it is necessary to take necessary steps to reduce cargo damage as much as possible during loading and unloading. This blog post will discuss 6 Ways a cargo shipping company helps prevent damages. 

Adequate Pattelizing Techniques:

Right pattelizing techniques are best to adopt to keep your shipment damage free. In this regard, there are the following guidelines:

  • Always pair packages with the correct pallet size.
  • Never do packaging outside the pallet borders.
  • Use stretch film to wrap the corner posts.
  • Apply stable strapping solutions for heavy goods.
  • Adopting the techniques mentioned above helps avoid big damage during the shipping process. 

Focus on Improving Loading Practices:

Focusing on improving the loading methods is an effective way to avoid significant damage to the shipment. Some of the common practices in this regard are:

  • Evenly distribution of the weight of shipment on the pallets
  • It would be good to use cushions, so the product remains damage-free because of uneven road twists and breaks.
  • It is also best to use proper dunnage to fill up all gaps between the products so that shipment remains safe while moving from one place to another.
  • It would also be good to keep lightweight products on the heavyweight products.

Maintain Warehouse:

Keeping the warehouse in a well-organized and clean condition is one of the foremost considerations to prevent shipment damage. It will also improve warehouse space available to store more and more goods. Also, loading and unloading shipments during shore time will become easier.

Use Material Handling Tools:

There are so many innovative material handling tools that help handle heavy shipments easily. These material handling tools are:

  • Conveyors
  • Loading/unloading systems
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Strapping machines
  • Pallet Jacks
  • Trucks etc

Using these tools allows for moving shipments from one place to another in a brief time. Also, it keeps safe products against damage. Logistics companies prefer to use these helping tools to shift heavy or small shipments securely and effortlessly.

Seal Containers Properly:

Proper sealing of pallets is another effective way to reduce the chances of shipment damage. Proper sealing is an effective and straightforward method to deliver goods safely. In this regard, you can use good-quality wrapping and duct tape. These sealing materials can keep the products in their original condition without exposure to the weather, chemicals and odours. Also, this method helps to keep the product from light and humidity.

Do Proper Labeling:

Another important practice to avoid cargo damage is clear labeling. Shipping companies need to keep the top surface flat so that there remains no chance of uneven surface while boxes at each other. If there are any fragile products, then writing a special note for its handling would be helpful while loading or unloading.

Another instruction to follow is the printing of labels on durable paper. On your label, some details should be mentioned, i.e. product weight, product type and name, so that the staff of the shipping company handles the boxes with care.

Some other common practices are:

  • Place the giant size or fragile items at the bottom of the boxes.
  • Never put stacking boxes in a pyramid shape.
  • Never place loose packages on top of a pallet.

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Final Verdict:

Taking all necessary steps to avoid cargo damage is one of the important considerations for keeping the supply chain smooth. Leading logistics companies pay special attention to taking all necessary precautions to win clients’ trust. Following these 6 steps helps the shipping companies to avoid damages and many uncertain situations. Damage-free goods are best to boost business and gain customer satisfaction. These great tips are best to reduce damage throughout the shipping procedure.


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