Custom Clearance

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Custom Clearance 

In order to get the shipment cleared in UAE there are certain rules and regulations. Dubai Customs have issued several customs policies and declarations that aim at applying the best international customs standards in line with the Unified Customs Law of the Gulf Cooperation Council member states and the international conventions in a manner that achieves the department’s vision and values. Following is the list of services:

  • Submit Customs Declaration
  • Request Customs Opinion
  • Appeal on Customs Decision
  • Book Customs Inspection
  • Export Manifest
  • Clear Cargo Discrepancies
  • Request Goods Classification

Due to the nature and strict laws of customs clearance in UAE one should have a dedicated team to make sure that there shipments are cleared on a timely and efficient manner. Here KSL Logistics Step inn. From the shipment origin to the destination, we make sure to ease your mind from the extensive and tiresome customs clearance procedure. Our team’s 24 hours of operations ensure round the clock cargo clearance services to make sure you can rest your mind at peace and never worry about your goods while they are still in customs. 

Industries Covering


  • Food & Beverages

  • Automotive Logistics

  • Fashion Logistics

  • Energy & Industrial

  • E-commerce logistics

  • Events & Exhibition Logistics

  • Domestic International Relocation

  • Retail Logistics

  • Health Care Logistics

  • House Holds & Furniture


Why Choose KSL Logistics as Your Customs Clearance Partner

  • Competitive Rates: KSL Logistics Provides best and most competitive market rates for your shipments across the globe. All rates are inclusive of Taxes.

  • No Duties and Taxes: KSL Logistics Provides best and most competitive market rates for your shipments across the globe. All rates are inclusive of Taxes.

  • Movers and Packers: KSL Logistics is go to choice when it comes to moving and packing needs. KSL are movers and packers service provides in UAE for your relocation needs. Our skilled Movers and Packers take full responsibility of your items while  packing and moving it to a new location.

  • Door to Door Delivery: KSL Logistics provides Door to Door pick up and delivery service to clients from UAE.

  • World-wide Network: We have Established a wide network of operators available 24/7 through out the world with cost effective goods delivery service and customer support. KSL Deals across Europe, Middle East, USA, UK and Asia

  • Faster & Secure: Our Skilled team makes sure your shipments reach its destination on time ensuring your goods a handled with care at every stage of the shipment process. If any of your goods is broken during delivery. We will provide you the expense.

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