Top 10 Logistics Trends

Top 10 Logistics Trends Taking Global Logistics Market To Next Level in 2022

In the running century, e-commerce has developed very fast and become a necessary part of life. When talking about the logistics and the supply chain, this evolution is real and it has made things easier than before. The latest trends in logistics have encouraged people and Shipping companies to use this domain for their delivery of goods, and then another important packaging from one place to the other. 

The technology has become smart and thus the technology driven innovations and digital logistics have taken the charge. As the logistics and the supply change is the backbone of any business to supply raw materials to the manufacturing, then supplying tracking and safely keeping the completed products. Many Logistics companies in Dubai have already applied the new trends and techniques to their Shipping companies then making their businesses faster and improved and thus providing the comfort to the people out there.  Let’s discuss the key trends in 2022 which Freight Forwarders in Dubai and Shipping companies around the world are following to involve in the technological evolution.

1#  Artificial Intelligence

Talking about the advanced AI implemented in the logistics, it has various applications in the supply chain. Robots have taken all the load on their shoulders working in the warehouses. Gesture recognition has an amazing impact and it has replaced the keyboards and mice thus making the AI more impactful towards the logistics. 

2# Emergence of 3PL and 5PL

You can hope for the escalation of Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Fifth Party Logistics (5PL) for the acceleration of the logistic market globally. 3PL has already an impact on the global market having the highest contribution in the past few years. We have seen that the end to end transportation and the shifting of goods and logs and packages has been encircled by the 3PL. The outsourcing of the supply chain has also decreased the procurement charges and reduced the delivery time as well. In the same way, 5PL is mostly linked with the e-businesses to reach the target of minimum costs. 

3# Wearable Devices

Wearable devices definitely refers to the device which can be wire by the people. By using the cloud computing technology in the devices, the Logistics companies in Dubai and around the world can have more accuration in the measurements and the calculations of the good a in the warehouses, the accurate collection of inventory house data and keeping track of the products in and out of the warehouses.  These devices are also helpful for keeping track of the health of the employees and taking the precautions at the right time. 

4# Integration of Drones and Smart Glasses

This is an important and reliable addition to the modern times of logistics as the drones and self driving vehicles and trucks have made the shipments easier than before. Speed of delivery the last mile logistics are much improved. These self moving vehicles have made the door to door deliveries faster and the same day deliveries have become more reliable in every part of the country. 

Freight Forwarders working in Dubai and other parts of the world are also integrating the smart glasses which has helped the augmented reality with delivering the transportation of goods all around with the hands free routing, face recognition for the personalized deliveries. This Al glass integration increases the operational efficiency and the first and the last mile deliveries more speedy and flexible. 

5# Adoption of Big Data Logistics & Data Analytics

Big data allows the stakeholders to make a strategic decision in purchasing the product, potential future supply storage and other decisions for the betterment of their companies. The stakeholders can make informed purchases knowing the stats through the big data. According to a report, 90% of the shippers and the stakeholder firms predict the cruciality of the data driven decision making through data analytics using big data.  

6# Blockchain technology

The use and implementation of this blockchain technology is the prominent logistics trend in the coming years. It has become the helpful for the companies to make the failsafe  digital contracts. It helps the stakeholders like suppliers, product manufacturers, auditors, customers, shipping companies, managers to create the transparent system maintaining the truncations, tracking and documentations. The blockchain technology is going to be impactful in the coming years. 

7# Efficient last Miles Deliveries

With the wide spreading of e-commerce, it has become a very crucial to make the last mile deliveries not only fast but also efficient and accurate. The Logistics companies are trying to make sure that the shipment dispatched from their warehouse must reach the doorstep thus making the end to end shipments more accurate. Same day shipments are encouraged in the industries in today’s world like delivering the food, medicines etc in the same day as the customers expects the better and fast delivery of the packages they order. 

8# Logistics Safety Becomes the Topmost Priority

Safety is the number 1 concern and the priority in the logistics. With the increase of the internet involvement in the logistics, cybersecurity is the main concern and must be taken care of. It also includes the personal data of the customer and the shipment details. All the Freight Forwarders are suggested to maintain a secure logistic solutions for their companies. They can apply the technology such as the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and keep the track record of their shipment in real time. 

9# Elastic Logistics

Elastic basically means the flexibility in the expanding and shrinking of the orders provided to the logistic companies. It is basically the buzzword used in the logistics industry. Elastic Logistics is the capacity to align the demands and to complete them in the given time frame. 3PL handles all the demands and the orders provided by the customers and maintain the elastic logistics accordingly. 

10# Use of SaaS in the supply chain

SaaS stands for the software-as-a-service and this service is gaining much popularity in the logistics and supply chain industry. It basically works hand to hand with the cloud computing helping the stakeholders to avoid the high fixed costs of the continuous maintenance. It also helps in the safety and security of the products. Logistics companies in Dubai and around the world are using these services and make their shipment companies more reliable for their customers. 


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